Job Opportunity with Nexus Company VetDrive

Job Opportunity with Nexus Company VetDrive

September 27, 2018

Software Development Engineer


Limerick, Ireland



We are on a mission to build the world’s most advanced software to help with the delivery of patient care in Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals. The VetDrive product, is a cloud-based integrated solution comprising clinical record management, customer relationship management, inventory, event scheduling, accounting / financial management, and data analytics / business intelligence. Our data-driven approach enables Veterinary Practices to identify process improvements, drive higher sales, maintain full regulatory compliance, and most importantly to deliver outstanding quality of service to their customers.


We are a customer-focused, product-first company. Everything at VetDrive starts with our customers; understanding what’s important to them, identifying the problems they face, and designing elegant and efficient solutions to their problems. Our team includes experienced veterinary professionals, and we work directly with some of the top veterinary practices in Ireland for advice and field research.


We currently have a small team of engineers and have successfully designed and built a product which is used across some of Ireland’s most progressive Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals. You’ll be part of this growing team, and help design, implement, and deploy the next tier of software components. A major part of this is implementing the code that drives our products, but the role includes contributing along the whole development process, including: deciding what features to build, driving the design and architecture, testing and deployment, documenting the features and design.


Relevant Skills and Experience:

  • Excellent software development skills, and experience working in Linux environment
  • Experience building web services and APIs, for example in NodeJS, Python, Java, C/C++, Ruby, PHP
  • Experience building API-driven client applications using HTML, JavaScript, and AJAX
  • A solid grounding in Computer Science fundamentals, data structures, algorithms, object-oriented design and systems architecture
  • Excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills


What’s your Tech Stack?

Our main product is delivered as a Progressive Web Application – the core technologies are JS, HTML, CSS, AJAX. Server-side in NodeJS & MongoDB (there is high interoperability of data and logic across the stack – making development really fast).


We don’t depend on any large JS frameworks (React, Angular, Vue). The core business logic is written in vanilla JS + some lightweight data modelling libraries (this allows us full visibility into the most important parts of the our code, can deep dive issues, and ensure blazing-fast performance where it’s needed). We generally use open source libraries for specific components where it makes sense.


Our target JS / rendering engines are (“close-to-latest”) WebKit and V8 / Blink. So we are free to use the latest ES6 / ES7 and HTML5+ APIs as soon as they ship. We make extensive use of service / web workers, mutation / resize / intersection observers, IndexedDB, promises / async-await, virtual-DOM etc to build a fast, responsive, cross-platform PWA.


What’s your Dev Process?

Our development process is streamlined and efficient (Gitflow branches, PRs, CI / CD, unit & end-to-end test, UA testing). New releases are shipped to customers every week (beta customers generally get features 1-2 weeks in advance of everyone else). Production environments have live exception tracking with pinpoint telemetry so that we don’t waste time tracking down bugs (we use Keymetrics, Sentry & Logrocket for this, and maintain zero-bug policy within each release cycle).



You will have the opportunity to learn and build some truely world-leading technology using state-of-art web technologies (our next-generation features include work on data analytics, machine learning, AI, offline-first mobile applications, voice controlled-apps, and multiple ground-breaking integrations with data providers and service providers).


There is an opportunity to make a real impact in a startup environment – be part of this project right from the early stages.


Making a positive impact on the field of Veterinary Medical Care. It’s very rewarding knowing that you can make a real improvement to the care of pets and other animals, their owners and the veterinary team.


Flexible work hours, and location. (Our offices are located in Nexus Innovation Centre Limerick, alongside other enthusiastic and exciting startups; it’s a fantastic environment to work in – really supportive and collaborative).


We’re happy to set you up with whatever equipment helps you get your job done.


Package includes a combination of Salary & Equity (we are hiring at all levels – so the package will depend on what you can bring to the team, both now and into the future).


Application Process

Please send your CV to


We will follow up with suitable applicants and set up an initial phone introduction, followed by an onsite interview in our Limerick offices.