Entrepreneurial Community

The Nexus Community 

Nexus is a community of startups all focused on creating and growing a business in the region. Engagement, support, peer learning and general give and take, all contribute to a rapidly growing supportive environment from which a startup can quickly become investor ready.

Challenges are frequent, tensions often high and hard truths are told. Those who shout loudest and longest get the most support and there’s a general expectation that as you grow you give back what you’ve received. Our most valuable resource is the members themselves who support each other through investment pitches, funding applications, sales leads, mentoring and offer a sounding board and a pick me up hand when most needed.
Setting up and growing a business is downright hard work but our members are encouraged to take some time out, when and where possible and participate in our summer tours, networking and social events, well-being initiatives, soccer leagues, yoga, table tennis challenges and coffee breaks in the canteen where the best ideas are developed.


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