Our Members

Our Members

Our members are drawn from all walks of life but have one thing in common, the vision and drive to start a new business. Nexus understands the paradoxical nature of a start-up business. On one-hand they are exciting, playful and creative fledgling organisations that require leaders with audacity and passion, and, on the other, they are hard work, process-oriented organisations that require leaders with perseverance and discipline.


Altratech is developing a single-use test kit that will allow “point of care” testing of infectious diseases. This could be anything from a viral outbreak in a disaster zone away from normal medical infrastructure or quick diagnosis in a GP’s surgery.


Mike Gleaves

Arralis specialises in leading-edge, high definition radar and ultra-fast data communications in the Aerospace and Satellite markets. The company has developed world-leading expertise in Radio Frequency, micro and millimetre-wave technology. Their products, which are the ultimate in precision and innovation, are used in both global and space environments where accuracy and reliability are critical.

FPD Recycling

Paudy O'Brien

SPML has proven global power plant project management expertise. They create value for our customers by delivering specific innovative project management solutions.

Irish Social Business Campus

Eamon Ryan

Nexus Innovation Centre, Kemmy Business School, followed by Clare Local Development Company, SECAD, North & East Kerry Development Company and Ludgate Hub – all came together with BNest and this collaboration led to creating Irish Social Business Campus (ISBC) consortium – regional, collaborative and practical support structure to help the creation and growth of businesses for social impact.


David Neville, Padraic Hogan, Ethan O'Brien

jumpAgrade is an award-winning EdTech company. Their online service helps second-level students prepare for exams. jumpAgrade provides the efficiencies of an online platform with the personalised support of 1-to-1 assistance - it's the modern alternative to grinds/private tuition. The company's aim is to make personalised feedback accessible to all students, regardless of ability, location or family background.

Misson Space

Angus McGlynn

Mission Space is building and launching cost-efficient space exploration telescopes into orbit above Earth. These telescopes will provide far greater access to space-based observations through low access costs and an “open to everyone” user policy. The realisation and commercialisation of this business is being led by former Space Shuttle astronaut and engineer Bjarni Tryggvason along with entrepreneur and designer Angus McGlynn. Bjarni has over 40 years’ experience in the Canadian Space Agency developing and installing scientific instruments on the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station.


Kurt Francis

Molecule are a Think-Tank Research Group Fund dedicated to solving the grand challenges that face humanity. They have partnered with the University of Limerick to develop a new class of Regeneration Optimized Sorbent (ROS) materials. By bridging the gap between academia and industry they are creating a better future for the planet.

One Horizon

Liam McNamara

One Horizon Group provides ultra-efficient carrier-grade mobile VoIP for both mobile carriers (e.g. Aishuo in China) and enterprises (e.g. the Nexus Innovation Centre application). Their patented SmartPacket™ technology allows voice signals to be transmitted by radio over the Internet resulting in a 10X reduction in mobile spectrum required to transmit a VoIP call.    

Perceptive Engineering

Darren Whitaker

Perceptive provides process analytics, diagnostics, monitoring, control and optimization, using an advanced software platform that provides a bridge between leading-edge academic research and robust industrial application. The company is able to extract greater efficiency, quality and performance from existing production assets.  They significantly reduce off-spec waste and shorten manufacturing time-to-market, giving their clients a highly competitive edge. Perceptive’s software and process expertise is the default choice of global blue-chip companies such as Pfizer, Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline.

Smart Factory Solutions

Brendan Shepard

Smart Factory Solutions (SFS) are an Irish company delivering turnkey Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that capture information from your manufacturing process and present it to you in real time.


Mark Burkley

Ubiworx systems is a software company specialising in IoT software frameworks, particularly for the IoT edge. Based in the Nexus centre, the ubiworx team develops the software core components and edge gateway hardware for large scale IoT systems. Edge gateway systems running Linux acquire data and perform analytics and upload data to a scalable microservices architecture application running in the AWS cloud. Ubiworx was acquired by Lightsource BP in 2018 and is now specifically focused on enabling domestic microgeneration using solar PV energy solutions for international markets. Led by Mark Burkley, a UL graduate, the multi-disciplinary software team team of six engineers in Limerick work as part of a global R&D team with presence in London and Athens to deliver leading edge solutions in the solar energy space.


EJ Daly

VetDrive solves the problem of data management in busy Veterinary Practices; providing a cloud-based integrated solution for clinical record management, customer relationship management, inventory, event scheduling, accounting / financial management, and data analytics / business intelligence. Our data-driven approach enables Veterinary Practices to identify process improvements, drive higher sales, deliver better quality services, and ensure full regulatory compliance.  


Tim Crowe

WrxFlo has built an Industry 4.0 SaaS platform that processes data from endpoints such as factory machines and, connecting to Operations KPIs, ensures business value is created. WrxFlo ensures that data is acted upon by automatically sending actions to the right people and tracking the outcomes. Using their past Lean & Technology Experience, WrxFlo starts by clearly understanding the problem and then aligning people, process & technology to deliver a connected end-to-end solution. The team built WrxFlo as the tool they wish they had when they designed and ran global manufacturing facilities. The platform goes beyond just displaying data, they drive automated actions and accountability to track value being created, which differentiates them from their competitors.